Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From co-design to breaking ground: Project BUG work party

photo credits: Ian Marcuse
A year ago, GWFC asked us to help engage teens in the design of their school garden. Community organizer Ian Marcuse led this process which included the participation of UBC SCARP and Evergreen. Recently, GWFC organized a workparty and the youth who participated in the co-design all pitched in. In all, about 100 youth participated in the build party, assisted by Environmental Youth Alliance.

"When commenting on their experience, students highlighted that they enjoyed the drawing out or “co-designing” of the project, helping with the design, and in particular “the collaborative effort with members of the community and other students within their community schools”. For students, the planning process was one of “creation of the gardens, just watching them come to life”, which leads directly into the hopes and aspirations these students have for the garden in the future. There was a resounding hope from students that they can see this garden to completion in the near future."

Project BUG final report , prepared by Ian Marcuse, Grandview Woodland Food Connection
Zsuzsi Fodor and Erica Lay, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning June, 2011