Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project BUG

Grandview Woodland Food Connection asked Stanley and Susan to help facilitate a youth program  in Vancouver.  Using some of the techniques described in the Youth Manual,  students shared their ideas for how they wish to experience a community garden on school grounds.  Here is the flickr set of photos  as well as the follow-up session here and, later a build party for the new student garden

Stanley is facilitating a drawing with youth participants

Susan invites participants to create a city on the wall

participants create a city out of wilderness
Desired personal experience and perceptions noted on this drawing

Day in the Life of the Garden, a graffiti wall.

Susan draws youth harvesting mushrooms on a cob house, at the direction of the participants

Drew Ferrari facilitating a collaborative design dialogue.  This sequence of drawings took less than an hour. activities and features are dictated precisely by participants.  

the collaborative drawing is now complete and features are numbered for voting