Monday, July 25, 2011

Viva Vancouver Co-Design Images, Photos

Viva Vancouver Co-design was an outdoor demonstration involving drop in participants and pedestrians.  Sometimes we had two participants and sometimes five or six.   And occasionally people made their own drawing!  We would ask "Would you like to make a drawing?"   More than one participant who had "only 10 minutes" stayed for more than an hour!   Down the street there was Brazilian dancing and street food.  Cyclists and skateboarders passed us as we drew.  It was a lively party!  The Theme of the co-design was Transportation.  Images were collected as part of the Vancouver 2040 transportation plan.   note that the ideas of people were included in transportation policy for the City of Vancouver!!
A Flickr set of photos from a planner is here
photo left and above, Celia King
Stanley King

photo left and above by Yoko Nishiyama

Drew Ferrari, Co-Design Group, photo Reanne Li

Philip Chung, co-design artist

photo Celia King

Stanley demonstrates co-design technique to Khorshid, youth artist

Tents were put up to engage the public in design dialogue during Viva Vancouver.  This tent was for the Youth Co-design artists in training.  Tesicca (right) was an artist for Plan-it Earth and also part of the Plan-it Earth core youth committee.

Drew Ferrari
The following photos were taken by Celia King:
Day in the Life Graffiti Wall

Mr. Naderi-Azad, an urban design professor made these drawings  above, and two below

Christopher Small, Co-Design Group

Youth Volunteers

The following photos were taken by Yoko Nishiyama.  She describes the Co-Design on 3 blog posts:  one, two and three. In the second post, she describes design dialogue.
youth volunteers Emma and Veronika invite people to write on the Graffiti wall.
Day in the Life Graffiti Wall facilitated by Youth Co-design artist/volunteers

Stanley gives advice to Co-design Youth artists learning the skill of art facilitation. Tes, Alan and Reanne were part of the Plan-It Earth youth team  
Leo, Youth co-design artist in training, makes a drawing

volunteer architect makes a drawing
Emma, Co-design youth artist in training

Susan, Co-Design Group starts a design dialogue with two participants.  (one of whom is the photographer) 

Judy, Co-design artist

The following photos were taken by Reanne Li, youth artist for Viva Vancouver Co-Design
Hobson , Tessica and Veronika.  These three youth were in charge of Plan-it Earth.  

Stanley King, Ben Ostrander, of the Co-Design Group and Hobson Lin of Prime Earth Environment Association

Drew Ferrari, Co-Design Group, and Stanley King

This Co-design workshop was a demo to gather design input for Talk Vancouver Transportation 2040.