NAAEE CCC Fellowship, 2014

EE Capacity Community Climate Change Fellowship, 2014

As a NAEE community climate change fellow, 2014, I have joined 25 environmental educators from North America to collaborate on using their (outdoor) classrooms to equip youth to tackle the serious question of climate change. Youth need to work this problem with optimism, hope and real skills, tools, and actions. Those who engage youth need to encourage one another as we equip future citizens to effect change that starts in (outdoor) classrooms, but may end in legislative changes, municipal changes, and in the end, change in the designed environment.

We met for the first time at the National Conservation and Training Centre, a gorgeous compound of stone buildings surrounded by a nature reserve, home of U.S. Fish and Wildlife.  It was  normal to see at least 10 birds and a groundhog and skunk in any given day.  The forests had Tulip Poplar, Sycamore and the Paw paw tree. At night, fireflies lit up the forest and above, there were stars.  Throughout this year, I will be implementing a climate change project with the guidance of the fellowship, as well as from some of our leaders:  amongst them: Judy Kraus from NAAEE, Akiima Price, a leader of environmental education in urban communities, Marianne Krasny from the Cornell Civic Ecology Lab

The inspiring nature of the retreat can be best described in sketches...
Susan Chung