city on the wall

Purpose: participants see for themselves that we and not they create the future city

1.  The co-design artist invites participants to “imagine you are here when the land was new. What will you see here?”  The artist creates a fast sketch of the land as described by participants.

2. “What belongs in a city?”  Youth are invited to come and draw their desired features of an urban environment. A bustling city quickly develops.   Would you like to live here?  Why or why not?  Participants discuss how urban sprawl can result from having the fun of putting down “anything I want”.

3.   The Problem of the City
     Gapminder's mild mannered Hans Rosling, demonstrates the  scary world trend towards urbanization. It's pretty hard to miss in his unveiling of the "truth through statistics". Can we, as a species, design ourselves out of needing more than one earth?   The ecological challenges due to urbanization requires  an unprecedented collaborative effort from architects, engineers, landscape architects -  a charrette of epic proportions.  It's also an educational challenge for teachers to prepare our youth for the future.
The design solution lies not in buildings, energy efficient cars, gadgets, but the redesign and re-imagining of a life.