Friday, May 16, 2014

VSB Sustainability Conference Committee

VSB Sustainability conference commitee members 2014: Rosemary Chen, Justin Luke, Chairperson Aaron Leung, Winnie Kwan, Tiffany Quon, David  Zhang, Josephine Lui. Below left: Susan Chung, Below right: Rosemary Chen and Sunny Cui

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the extraordinary youth committee who delivered the amazing VSB Sustainability Conference.  The committee spent 8 months together, getting to know one another and  organizing  a conference where VSB students from each of the 18 secondary schools met together to learn,  network, and draw  their  sustianable school.  Congratulations to the creative and hardworking committee for a job well done!   It was a great pleasure to work with you!  The facebook page is here.
codesign facilitation was offered by Stanley King, Drew Ferrari, Philip Chung Co-design and Graphic facilitation training was offered by Susan Chung and Stanley King.  Susan was also part of the organizing committee as the coordinator of student artists and facilitation.
youth from all 18 Vancouver Secondary Schools were represented along with out of district youth reps and teachers
NGO fair

Keynote speakers included our extraordinary Tesicca Truong!

Drew Ferrari talks to youth about co-design

co-design provided youth graphic facilitation training