Friday, September 28, 2012

Coastal Biodiversity Youth Forum at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

This Youth Forum combined biology, outdoor research techniques, hiking, beachcombing, with codesigning the Sweetspot, that perfect spot between Wilderness Chick and City Dude.  Bamfield is a world class Canadian research station on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island.  It's not unusual to see sea urchins the size of dinner plates here.   Kelp forests and Old-growth forests make this place a perfect place to study biodiversity and to reflect on urban impacts on the wilderness.  

We are very grateful for the leadership of Dr. Hana Kucera, Anne Stewart, Erica Simonson and Dr. David Riddel for an amazing youth forum.  We were happy to take part as co-design facilitators. Vanessa Lee, leader of Interpretation at Metro Vancouver Regional Parks also helped out at this Youth Forum.
Dr. Kucera leading a talk on gathering data

Keeha Beach hike, after which we examined the Personal Experience and Perception values of the Wilderness and the City.  
Keeha Beach, a desolate and gorgeous wilderness location
Co-designing the sweetspot

Ocean dredging

old-growth hemlock along a trail
camp songs