Thursday, March 15, 2012

Co-designing sustainability education

Last week we were involved with two separate projects that inter-weaved ecology, agriculture and educational activity.

We visited a Sustainable Architecture class in a secondary school as guest speakers.  The teens designed their future school day .  Their ideal day took place in outdoor classrooms, in community gardens and in their schoolyard, They socialized in outdoor spaces and their indoor spaces had abundant natural light.   We colour coded some of their activities with post-it notes.  Note that on their "Day in the Life" timeline, the yellow "moving about" category and the white "eating/preparing food" category appear frequently.  A few days later, we attended a separate event where we co-designed an educational space for a park.

In this educational space, the paths of school children, professional farmers, "intern" farmers, researchers, community gardeners and bird watchers would  co-exist and enhance the experiences of all the other groups.  I found it interesting that the park drawings supported what the teens wanted for their ideal learning environment.  I will post the drawings when they are publicly displayed later.