Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wilderness Chick

Vanessa Lee interpreted this gorgeous river slough

Vanessa Lee is leader of interpretation of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, and a keynote speaker for Plan-it earth 2011.  She led an interpretive canoe trip after the EEPSA  meeting.  This group of BC environmental educators hold their meetings outdoors.  Today's was at Deas Island, a 5 minute drive from the city.  Our paddles dipped into green waters surrounded by cattails, eelgrass, skunk cabbage.  Sounds of red-wing blackbirdwoodpeckers, marsh wren, eagle.  We passed an eagle looking sternly at us as we examined its nest. It was so close, we could see the white feathers on its head.  Herons fished in the reeds.   We floated by the wreck of a rum runner.  Under the bridge, we heard the roar of cars speeding towards the city, their occupants unaware of the biodiversity below them.
wreck of a rum runner dating back to the time of US prohibition.
rum runner's hull was being invaded by algae and grasses
a diverse ecosystem, easy to overlook from the vantage point of the cars speeding overhead on the bridge.