Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridging the generation Gap

North shore news featured youth co-design in West Vancouver:

"Through outreach, the co-design process adopted by Grosvenor attempts to bring in voices from different demographics, says Michael Mortensen, Grosvenor Americas’s senior development manager. It’s a unique opportunity for youth to be involved in a process that usually takes place among adults.  Co-design forums were pioneered by Vancouver architect Stanley King, who is leading the Ambleside forums. He created the concept while working on Granville Island and Robson Square.

In the end, the youths’ ideas became a big part of Vancouver’s identity. It was their suggestion to place a skating rink in Robson Square; famous West Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson was inspired by their sketches filled with greenery when designing the provincial courts."

Full article here:  "Bridging the Generation Gap" by   Rebecca Aldrous, North Shore outook