Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Codesigning in California

Last fall, Susan Chung, Philip Chung and Drew Ferrari had the honour of codesigning at two amazing events:
We three attended the a conference called the "Congress of Neighbourhoods"
And Philip and Susan drew at the NAAEE San Diego conference
In Los Angeles we collaborated with Laura Mack of the Neighbourhood Council Sustainability Alliance to engage the people from neighbourhood councils to codesign their sustainable LA. The drawings were presented at the Neighbourhood congress, with 800 participants. held at LA city hall. And City hall blogged about the event in the link above. 
We are pleased to announce we're going to get our felt pens poised and ready to do a drawing demo at the NAAEE 2016 Madison conference.
We had great feedback from last years conference as we codesigned with environmental educators from Illinois,  Kentucky,  Washington,  Texas, Oregon,  California...
Our drawings wove the dreams of many into a codesign. It was an honour to listen to the hearts of people and translate their dialogue into a collaborative drawing.
Karla Klay,  a participant wrote "Whoa, it made the vision so very real. She brought tears to my eyes as she drew children in a bird blind watching sandhill cranes, teachers turning studies of marshes into large paintings..."
Many thanks to Laura Mack and the NAAEE for inviting us to codesign.