Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Friends Co-designing a Museum in Boulder, Colorado

We are very grateful for Dr. Louise Chawla and Mr. Jeff Dillon for incorporating our co-design methods to include citizens in the design of a museum in Boulder, Colorado.  They solicited memories of favourite childhood playspaces in the codesign.  This is a different technique which we'd love to try in Vancouver.

We had conducted a codesign training session there in 2013 ( Susan Chung and Stanley King).

They've embraced co-design as a model that fits their existing outstanding repetoire of methods encourageing open participation. Here, a group of citizens talked,  sketched and codesigned their desired round of life for their future museum. Shown in the pics,  standing together,  Dr. Willem Van Vliet,  Mr. Jeff Dillon, Dr. Louise Chawla.   Photo credit :Darcy Varney Kitching.