Monday, May 19, 2014

Social Art of Architecture For Youth Society

Welcome to Tesicca Truong, Hobson Lin and Veronika Bylicki:
We are pleased to welcome the following youth codesigners who are now Board of Directors of the Social Art of Architecture For Youth Society of BC:

Tesicca Truong is an artist, SFU student and inspiring youth activist for the environment.  She specializes in event organization, and mobilizing youth as a leader and speaker.  Tesicca is president/founder of Youth4tap and was the Chairperson of the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference.  She has been named to Starfish Top Environmentalist under 25 list on two occasions: 2013 and 2014.  Tesicca is part of the Mayor's engaged city task force. She is a youth co-design artist with extraordinary facilitation skills. 

Hobson Lin has experience in journalism, event coordination, and non-profits.  Hobson is studying in communication and interactive arts and technology at Simon Fraser University.  He actively follows technology, has a keen interest in new media and is conscientious about the environment.  He has been involved with the youth program and has assisted with projects ranging from school garden design to public engagement at Vancouver's Reimagine Your Streets and Viva Vancouver Talk Transportation Co-Design.

Veronika Bylicki is a team coordinator of Common Energy UBC, student ambassador of The University of British Columbia,  Environmental Education Intern at ASVO (Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en Areas Protegidas).  And she is a Sustainability Education Facilitator with Metro Vancouver Youth 4 Action. Veronika has extraordinary presentation and facilitation skills.


Co-design Vancouver team with youth volunteers:  Clockwise from lower left: 
Hobson Lin (youth codesigner), Susan Chung, Judy Choi, Christopher Small, Alan Chen (volunteer), Grace Wicken ( volunteer)  , Tesicca Truong (youth volunteer), Stanley King and Drew Ferrari