Wednesday, November 14, 2012

VSB Sustainability Conference

We will be training youth artists for the VSB Sustainability Conference organized by VSB students.

VSB Sustainability Conference January 21, 2013
A zero-waste conference to set sustainability on the map within the VSB and chart our course to becoming a leading school district in terms of sustainability. This conference is meant for all VSB stakeholders - including students, parents, teachers (it's a teacher pro-d!), student teachers, administrators, and other school staff!

Date: January 21, 2013 (District-Wide Pro-D)Venue: 6360 Maple Street (Magee Secondary) 
With this conference, our goals are: to showcase and celebrate sustainable initiatives currently happening in the VSB; to accelerate sustainability through wide-spread engagement and collaboration of all main stakeholders within the VSB including students, staff, parents and trustees; and to set the VSB on track to becoming a leader in sustainability among school district