Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kelp Forest Diversity Youth Forum Sketchbook

Kept a sketch journal of this fabulous conference with very talented teens, all exploring marine biology in a pristine wilderness setting.  On the last day, we hiked through a bog transitioning into a forest.  Amongst the cedar, hemlock and lodgepole pine, there were ferns, and a forest understory.  Below, bog plants such as sphagnum moss, sundew, labrador tea grew. Dr. Hana Kucera showed us a "culturally modified tree", a cedar where first nations people practiced the sustainable harvest of bark.   After a 3 hour hike on mud and tree roots, we heard pounding waves:  Keeha beach.  Many thanks to the youth forum leaders, Dr. Hana Kucera and Ali Griffiths for making this forum so special.  

a sundew was one of the many bog plants encountered on the trail.  Photo: Cheyenne

photo: Devin